Akron Art Museum

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Akron Museum of Art in Akron, Ohio

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Akron Art Museum: A Cultural Gem in Akron, Ohio

The History of Akron Art Museum

Established in 1922 under the name of the Akron Art Institute, the Akron Art Museum has played a vital role in shaping the cultural fabric of the city for nearly one hundred years. Initially, it commenced with a modest assortment of artwork and a commitment to making exceptional contemporary art accessible to the local populace. As years passed, the museum experienced expansion both in physical capacity and artistic range, solidifying its position as a distinguished establishment in the Midwestern region.

A Cultural Hub for Contemporary Art

The Akron Art Museum is committed to presenting modern art in various manifestations. With a wide-ranging compilation of more than 6,000 artworks, the museum provides a captivating encounter for visitors spanning all generations. The displays exhibit an extensive array of artistic techniques, encompassing paintings, sculptures, photography, and immersive multimedia creations.

Engaging Exhibitions

The Akron Art Museum is well-known for its dynamic exhibition schedule that is constantly evolving. Every year, the museum presents a series of captivating exhibitions that celebrate the talent of established and up-and-coming contemporary artists. By prioritizing a wide range of unique and groundbreaking artwork, the museum guarantees its visitors an endless array of fresh and thrilling discoveries.

Award-Winning Architecture

The museum stands as a masterpiece. Back in 2007, the Akron Art Museum experienced a significant growth spurt, incorporating an awe-inspiring new structure crafted by the esteemed architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. This cutting-edge and contemporary design has received global recognition and serves as a revered emblem of Akron's dedication to artistic expression.

Promoting Art Education and Outreach

The Akron Art Museum prioritizes more than just showcasing artwork; its mission also encompasses fostering art education and engaging with the community. A wide array of inclusive initiatives awaits individuals of all age groups, spanning art courses, interactive sessions, informative talks, and distinctive occasions.

Art for All Ages

The museum has a key objective of ensuring that art is within reach for all individuals. By means of its educational initiatives, the Akron Art Museum encourages imagination and cultivates a passion for art among individuals of various age groups. Be it through interactive sessions designed for children or informative talks on art history for grown-ups, the museum guarantees a diverse array of offerings to cater to everyone's interests.

Community Engagement

The museum puts in significant efforts to connect with the local community through different outreach programs. By partnering with nearby schools and organizing community gatherings, the Akron Art Museum aims to foster a feeling of togetherness and solidarity through artistic expression. It acknowledges the ability of art to unite individuals and leverages this potential to enhance the connections within the Akron community.

Visitor Information

If you are considering a trip to the Akron Art Museum, here are a few crucial pieces of information:

Location and Hours

You can find the museum at 1 South High Street, Akron, OH 44308. It happily welcomes visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, and on Thursdays, it graciously extends its hours for your convenience.

Admission and Tickets

The museum provides cost-effective entry fees, and there are exclusive discounts accessible for students, seniors, and military personnel. Museum members receive complimentary entry and additional privileges that are uniquely available to them.


The Akron Art Museum is dedicated to ensuring that all visitors can easily access its facilities. It offers wheelchair-friendly entrances, restrooms that are accessible, and various other provisions to guarantee a pleasant visit for everyone.

Plan Your Visit

Before you plan your trip, we suggest you take a look at the museum's official website to stay updated on the current exhibitions, events, and any possible closures. The website is also a valuable source for visitor assistance, offering information about parking arrangements and nearby dining choices.


The Akron Art Museum offers more than just an opportunity to appreciate artwork; it stands as a lively cultural establishment that nurtures inventiveness, learning, and local involvement. Through its exceptional displays and dedication to inclusivity, this museum remains a thriving cultural center in Akron, Ohio.

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