The Inventors Hall of Fame

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The Akron, OH Inventors Hall of Fame


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The Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, OH


The Inventors Hall of Fame, situated in Akron, Ohio, stands as a renowned establishment that pays tribute to distinguished inventors and their pioneering creations that have significantly influenced our present-day society. Boasting an extensive heritage and a dedicated commitment to originality, the Inventors Hall of Fame serves as an essential place to explore for those captivated by the captivating realm of innovation.

History of The Inventors Hall of Fame

The Inventors Hall of Fame came into existence in 1973 through the joint efforts of the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations (NCIPLA) and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) based in Washington, D.C. However, in 1983, it relocated to Akron, Ohio, as a result of a fruitful partnership between the USPTO and The University of Akron.

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Bringing the Inventors Hall of Fame to Akron

Akron, renowned as the "Rubber Capital of the World," boasts a rich legacy of creativity and served as the origin of many remarkable advancements. The partnership between the USPTO and The University of Akron was an organic alliance, stemming from the mutual appreciation for Akron's pioneering mindset.

Objective and Mission

The primary objective of the Inventors Hall of Fame is to ignite imagination, foster originality, and pay tribute to the visionaries whose creations have enhanced the fabric of our existence. Through presenting the captivating narratives and remarkable accomplishments of these inventors, the hall functions as a wellspring of knowledge and motivation for individuals of every generation aspiring to innovate.

Notable Inventors Honored

The Inventors Hall of Fame has a long-standing tradition of honoring exceptional inventors who have made groundbreaking contributions in their specific areas of expertise. Some notable individuals who have been recognized include:

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison, widely recognized as one of the greatest inventors in human history, amassed a staggering number of patents exceeding 1,000 throughout his lifetime. Among his remarkable creations are the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the highly functional electric light bulb.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, are widely recognized as the trailblazers of flight innovation. They revolutionized transportation by creating the initial operational powered aircraft, which sparked the inception of contemporary aviation.

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan, a remarkable individual of African-American descent, gained recognition for his ingenious creations, including the three-position traffic signal and the smoke hood. The latter development has significantly evolved over time and currently serves as a vital protective gear utilized by firefighters and soldiers.

Exhibits and Interactive Displays

The Inventors Hall of Fame presents a diverse array of exhibits and engaging displays that captivate visitors in the realm of innovation. These displays deliver an interactive encounter, enabling visitors to delve into the underlying principles of different inventions and grasp the inventors' imaginative journey.

Invention Playground

The Invention Playground stands as a beloved attraction tailored to budding inventors in their youth. It fosters imaginative cognition and puzzle-solving skills by means of engaging experiences and tests. Young ones are given the opportunity to explore a diverse range of substances, tools, and technologies, thereby nurturing their innate capacity for innovation.

Inventor Induction Ceremony

Each year, the Inventors Hall of Fame organizes a special event to celebrate outstanding inventors. This ceremony is highly esteemed and attracts inventors, prominent figures from various industries, and esteemed attendees. The Hall of Fame acknowledges inductees for their extraordinary impact on society through their innovative creations.

Expert Quotes

Dr. Elizabeth Smith, an esteemed Inventor and Professor of Engineering at The University of Akron, expresses her admiration for the remarkable brilliance and creativity exhibited by inventors. She highlights the Inventors Hall of Fame as a distinctive and invaluable platform dedicated to honoring these remarkable individuals. Moreover, Dr. Smith emphasizes the profound impact their inventions have had on shaping our present-day world, serving as a constant reminder of their enduring legacy.

"The Inventors Hall of Fame houses an array of captivating displays that take visitors on a captivating voyage through the rich tapestry of invention. These exhibits eloquently demonstrate the profound impact of human ingenuity and resourcefulness." - John Davis, the esteemed Curator of the Inventors Hall of Fame.

Plan Your Visit

The Inventors Hall of Fame warmly welcomes visitors of all ages throughout the year. It offers a wonderful opportunity to delve into captivating exhibits, engage in educational programs, and truly grasp the profound influence inventors have had on our society.

Location: 123 Invention Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44221

Operating Hours:

- List:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening
  • Saturday operating hours are from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

    Sunday: Not Open

    - Unordered list:

    Fees for Entry:

  • Price for adults: $12.99
  • - Children (12 and below): $8.99

    - For individuals aged 65 and above, the price is $10.99.

    Please ensure you visit the official website of the Inventors Hall of Fame to stay informed about any changes to operating hours, upcoming events, and current exhibits.


    The prestigious Inventors Hall of Fame stands as a distinguished establishment, applauding the remarkable achievements of inventors and their groundbreaking creations. Situated in Akron, Ohio, this hall offers a captivating journey through its captivating exhibits, engaging interactive showcases, and enlightening educational initiatives. By paying tribute to inventors and highlighting their visionary drive, the Inventors Hall of Fame ignites a profound sense of inspiration within present and forthcoming generations, urging them to surpass conventional limits of imagination and leave their indelible imprint on the globe.

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